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Unifi controller windows firewall ports

"Uncomment" the desired keys by deleting the number sign (#), then change the port number. Lines that have a number sign (#) are viewed as comments and are ignored by the system. # unifi-video v3.9.12 is_default=false uuid=... # app.http.port = 7080 # app.https.port = 7443 # ems.liveflv.port = 6666 # ems.livews.port = 7445 # ems.livewss.port = 7446.

Add the following TCP ports: "8080,8443,8843,8880,6789" and press two times "OK" to close. 19. In "Edit Profile" windows select "Create". In the Create Firewall Rules window select "Custom and press the button "Custom". 20. Now add the UDP ports. Select "UDP" and enter the ports "3478,10001" and press 3 times "OK" 21.

Sau khi hoàn tất việc cài đặt Java các bạn tiến hành làm theo các bước tiếp theo để cài đặt phần mềm controller UniFi. Bước 1: download phần mềm UniFi Controller về máy tính tại link. Chọn software - version controller 6.1.71 for Windows - download về cài đặt.

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To run the UniFi Controller software on Azure, follow these steps: Create new Virtual Machine (VM) resource. Give the VM a name, region, resource group, Windows Server 2016 Datacenter image, and choose the smallest size (I chose standard B1s). Finally, enter a username and password for the VM admin. Even though this is a relatively inexpensive.

Login into the UniFi Controller . 2. Click the " Setting " gear in the lower left corner. 3. Click Networks . 4. Click the "Edit" pencil next to your corporate network . 5. Check "Enable DHCP guarding" and add the open DNS Servers.

Here we are going to open up the firewall ports that we need for RADIUS to work with the Unifi Controller. From the RADIUS server search for Advanced in the task bar search menu and select Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security. Locate Inbound Rules > Right Click Inbound Rules > Select New Rule Select Port and click Next.